Blue: Week 2, 52 Frames

Rejoice! I made it to week 2!

This week’s theme is Blue. It was a little harder than I thought it would be. It’s very cold and dreary here in middle Tennessee. Shooting from inside the house was what I was left with. We live in a very old home, built around 1878, not so long after the end of the Civil War. The home has much of it’s original character: windows, flooring, beautiful walls, etc. There are hidden treasures inside the walls and floors as well. We’ve found glass bottles, newspapers, marbles, and even a few drawings.

This week I chose a pretty blue bottle found at our home. I imagine it used to contain some kind of medicine but these days it holds flowers from our yard. And sometimes old dead flowers!


So far I’m enjoying the weekly challenge! Here’s to hoping for another 50 successful weeks!



52Frames. What is that?? I joined last year but suffered photographer’s block (I made up this term) and hardly picked up my cameras. It’s something I’ve really missed and needed a little push. Something outside my comfort zone. I’ve never been successful with a 365 project: too much pressure. But I think I can handle one publish worthy photo a week. The 52 Frames project has a weekly theme and photographers in all stages from all over the world participate. The first week’s theme was Selfie. The dreaded selfie. Photographers don’t like being in front of the camera!



So, this is me! I hope you will all enjoy following along as I post my photos for the 52 Frames project and my own personal projects!

Sunflowers and More Sunflowers

This past weekend I took a trip to Batey’s Farm. They planted a ton of sunflowers this year!!! I have another spot that I usually frequent, but this new one was so convenient and absolutely breathtaking! They were so generous opening this up to the public for free and only requesting a donation to fund a charity. I hope this will become an annual tradition for them.