Are They Worth It?

Yesterday we took our two dogs to the vet for their annual exam and shots.  Usually we take them one at a time and the vet’s bill just didn’t seem quite so much when I did it that way.  When I checked out yesterday, it was really a shock to my system and wallet.  So I had to wonder, are they worth it?  Well considering the immense joy they bring to my daughters and to us as a family then yes.  But there are times when these dogs are high maitenance!  Petey, our Jack Russell, is as smart as they come.  Plus, he’s just so cute.  Jake, our shelter dog (part German Shepherd part something else), has a little growing up to do still, but is learning.  He’s a little neurotic, but is an awesome watch dog. So in the end, yes they are worth it!

Petey, Hot Summers Day
Petey, Hot Summer's Day
Petey and Jake
Petey and Jake

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