Todd Lake aka Marshy Swamp Land

Todd Lake pt 2, originally uploaded by Rhonda in TN.

I never knew this marshy swampy land had a name until recently. It’s called Todd Lake and it’s located right off a busy 4 lane road here in Murfreesboro, TN. Most people drive right on past, but if you stop and look, you will see some really beautiful things here: water lilies, turtles, ducks, fish, and really large birds such as cranes. I plan on going back soon and trying to capture the birds in more detail.

One thought on “Todd Lake aka Marshy Swamp Land

  1. It is shallow there. If you go farther up, it is a lot deeper and people water ski on it. I used to live on Todd’s lake when I was a kid and before it was drained. Prior to draining the lake, it was very mossy and only had patches of open water. My older brother and my Dad both caught multiple 4+ lbs largemouth bass and a couple 5+ lbs. ones. I used to go frog gigging when my brother would take me. It was drained for awhile and all the moss died off and eventually it was filled and stocked again.

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