Sunday Stills: Happy Halloween!!

Every year my girls get together with their best friend, who also happens to be out neighbor, and they dress up and go trick or treating. This has been a tradition for about 6 years now. It’s really cool to look back on all the photos and see how much they have changed and at all the funny, wacky, and cute outfits they wore. This year we also had another friend that went with us so it was pretty wild at my house with 4 teenage girls. But they had a blast watching scary movies and doing whatever it is that teenage girls do.Ā  Here’s a little glimpse and also a fun picture that I played around with in photoshop!

These two had fun although they were too

There's someone in this pic that's not supposed to be there.
Some Halloween photoshop fun!

8 thoughts on “Sunday Stills: Happy Halloween!!

  1. sweet story and pictures Rhonda! I can tell your girls had a lot of fun. Love the picture of your youngest one stealing the show through the door…that is just to funny!

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