Flashback Friday

Most who know us are well aware of our trials and tribulations at home renovation. We have had super people work on our house and then again, we have also had the corrupt who have done crappy work and taken us for a financial joy ride. Our house was built around 1878 and has really stood the test of time. It was built solid as a rock with the many features of a time gone by that we love. Here are a few brief snapshots of a day in the life of a renovation:

When I left for work in the morning, this is what the back hallway looked like. June 2007
When I returned home in the afternoon, it looked like this! New doors, windows, sub-flooring, and walls. This contractor was awesome! June 2007

Moral of this story: Home renovation is not for the faint of heart. But with the right contractor, a little knowledge, and deep pockets it can be a great experience.

3 thoughts on “Flashback Friday

    1. Well it’s a room now and at some point and time it used to be a porch, but was enclosed by a previous owner. I’m embarrassed to say that it still pretty much looks like this. In the meantime we completed an upstairs addition with 2 bedrooms and a bath. This back hallway is next on the list to complete!

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