All I can say is that we love these dogs.  Petey, our Jack Russell, accidentally became part of our lives in August 2001. My mother’s dogs had just had these puppies in July.We had moved back from Germany and were staying with her while we got ourselves settled back into civilian life. She kept asking me if we wanted a puppy and I kept saying no. But we found ourselves everyday visiting this little pup until he just became part of us. He is as smart as they come and as lovable. Petey is everyone’s friend and enemy to none. Jake, our German Shepherd mix, came from a shelter. My youngest daughter desperately wanted another dog. She checked everyday on the Petfinder website and saw him. We later found out that he has just been rescued from an untimely death. He has been more challenging, but he is our protector and a constant nuisance and playmate to Petey.

Petey and Jake
Petey is hard to resist.
Jake's first snow of 2009.
Petey on a hot summer's day.
Jake loves the snow and tries to eat all of it!

12 thoughts on “Sunday Stills: Pets

  1. First off.. I can’t believe you live just down the road and got enough snow for Jake to play in. We got nothing..Loved your story about your pets. You seen my little annoying heifer today… But we love her. You have some great picture of your babies.

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