Winter at Stones River Battlefield

Recently I went back to the battlefield to get some shots. Because it was so very cold this day, I didn’t last very long! The battlefield was having a week long event of re-enactments, tours, and such. I feel for those who volunteered to do this because like I said, I only last about 5 minutes before I high tailed it back home.

2 thoughts on “Winter at Stones River Battlefield

  1. I tried to comment on your Sunday Stills post, but the header shot is blocking my access to the comment link. =( But it gave me a great chance to scan through a bunch of your photos and they are absolutely stunning. I really love the warm colors in the Sunday post and the bridge shot is also gorgeous. Great photos!

    1. I’ve noticed this problem too! Especially if you’re using Internet Explorer. It seems to be alright with Mozilla or Google Chrome. I will have to work on re-sizing it! Thanks for the look around! I love Sunday Stills!

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