You Capture – Love Around the Home

I thought I’d participate in this challenge to take pictures of some things around my home that I love. Our house is really old, built around 1878. Over the years through the many renovation projects that we’ve been through, various objects have been found in walls and floors. It’s really cool to read the old newspapers and magazines we’ve found. Old marbles, glass bottles, and even coins lead me to wonder who they belonged to, did they miss them, was it intentional? I hope you enjoy seeing just a few things from our house that I love.

A Civil Service exam, old medicine bottles, marbles, and nails from our house.

My front door. Old crackled paint and a beautiful old door knob.

My kitchen windowsill. It holds a few things I treasure:a carnival memento, a foreign trip souvenir, and little treasures that I’ve discovered along the way.

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14 thoughts on “You Capture – Love Around the Home

  1. Very nice photos Rhonda. And I am the same way. I love finding old things. It’s kind of like when I went to New Mexico and experienced a different culture. I found myself walking around these caves and trails and streams… wondering what the lives of the people from 400 years ago must have been like.

  2. Now thats amazing! Have you ever done a simple archeological dig in the basemant if you have one? I’ll bet there is some amazing things there..:-)
    Great shots..

  3. Ed, I don’t have a basement, but I’ve done some research on my house and from studying Sanborn Fire maps (most cities had fire maps done from the late 1800s and on for insurance purposes and they depict neighborhoods, the boundaries of property and the dimensions of buildings as well as what they were made of such as brick, wood, etc.) and I know where an outhouse was located and also that we had a stable on a part of the property in the early 1900s. I’ve done a little digging in the yard, which I blame on the dogs so I won’t get in trouble, ha ha, and have founds old pieces of pottery, nails, and such. Last summer found a brick walkway leading to nowhere!?!

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