Welcome bloggers!
Blizzard Bloghop 2010 hosted by Household 6 Diva

A little info about me: My name is Rhonda and I love photography. This is a photography blog for anything photography related: techniques, my experiments with different photography software such as Photoshop and Lightroom, equipment that I own or would love to own, and every once in a while a few ramblings from me on what’s going on with my life. I am looking forward to making some new friends and catching up with some old ones through this BlizzardBlogHop!!

I have a degree in history and I frequently combine my love of photography with history lessons. Architecture is another passion and one day I would like to pursue a masters in historical preservation.

I’ve been married to my husband John for 17 years and we have two daughters, ages 14 and 12.

An older scanned photo, but I love it! Our duplex in Ansbach, Germany.
John and I at the Titan's game.
Our girls love to take pictures too!

I can’t wait to “meet” all the other bloggers participating in the Blizzard Bloghop!

28 thoughts on “Welcome to my Blog and Blizzard Bloghop!

  1. It’s always so fun to look at photography blogs! Beautiful… love the historical bent! πŸ™‚

    AND – so funny, we have that same lion costume that your daughter is wearing in the pic! It’s a bit more “well loved” than it is in your picture, but my son gets a LOT of wear out of it. πŸ™‚

  2. I love photography also. I am just getting into it. My family are my subject of choice right now. I am hoping that I can get better. I have my first wedding to photograph this fall! πŸ™‚

  3. Your girls are so pretty!

    Very cool about your history degree. My dad is an American History Professor and I love all things history too. Someday we will have to go out on a historical photo shoot together πŸ™‚

  4. Great to “meet” you!

    I love taking photographs of historical architecture! Before I had kids I would take photographs of the insides of old abandoned buildings… kind of difficult to do now with a toddler though.

    Your photographs are gorgeous!

    Stopping by from the Blizzard Blog Hop!

  5. I am in LOVE and in AWE with your photography skills! So excited to follow along and see what I can possibly learn.

    Thanks for stopping by my little blog in the Bloghop!!!

  6. I’m visiting from the Blizzard Bloghop! It’s nice to meet you! You’re a very talented photographer! We’ve had a lot of snow but I haven’t taken any pictures nearly as beautiful as the ones you’ve taken!

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