I Heart Faces Photowalk

Wow, what a great time! Unfortunately I didn’t get to attend Blissdom this year, but did get the opportunity to go on a photowalk with some of the attendees. We met in downtown Nashville and the group leader was Michael Howard who was so gracious to be our guide and even braving the chilling Arctic temps. I met some wonderful bloggers and some from my neck of the woods and I can’t wait to check out their blogs! Donna got some wonderful shots, so go check out her blog! I hope to go next year and meet some of my cyber friends in person.

Nashville: A very cool city.

To see more from the photowalk, check out the I Heart Faces Photowalk group on Flickr!!

7 thoughts on “I Heart Faces Photowalk

  1. It looks like you had such a fun time : ) I saw you linked at the fan of the week tonight. He said you were a Tennessee girl! I had to come and say hi! I loved your fix it friday edit. Very nice! I am glad you had this great experience. What fun!

    1. Thank you much! Scott is a super guy and we just met in person for the first time at the photowalk. Now I’m going to hop over and check out your blog!!~Rhonda

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