At Work

I spend so much time here, 7.5 hours a day to be exact, and thought maybe it’s time you saw a glimpse of my world. It’s not exciting nor do we have anyone that is like any of The Office characters. Pretty much I do the same thing everyday, but I do have a some great co-workers and I enjoy working at a university.

wed desk

Ahhh, the breakfast of champions!! I don’t usually have McDonald’s, but I was in a hurry this day and didn’t have time to grab anything before I left the house.

paper clips 

Most people know that I love Polish pottery. I first saw it in 1998 while stationed in Germany and my girlfriends and I took a few trips to Poland to buy it. Occasionally I find a few pieces at TJMaxx and other places. I have a few pieces at work and this one holds my paperclips.

post its 

I also have a thing for office supplies. I love post-it notes, pens, and gadgets.

coffee pot 

Now for something that is irritating: the co-worker who drinks just enough coffee so that he/she do not have to make anymore. Yum! The dregs of 2 hour old coffee!  I hope none of my co-workers read my blog!

10 thoughts on “At Work

  1. love this (beautifully photographed) glimpse at your work. and i hear ya on that last bit…though the mostly-empty carafe makes for a gorgeous image.

  2. ooooo what a lovely paperclip holder! 🙂

    I’m with yah on the office coffee bandit…. grrrr… That’s one great thing about being a SAHM…. except when hubby comes home for breakfast after PT and does th same thing…

    so I guess I have a coffee culprit too…. 🙂

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