Fix It Friday



Today I am participating in my first Fix It Friday on I Heart Faces. What happens is that they post a picture and you do your own edit. It’s a great way to learn some processing techniques and to also see what other people come up with. My first edit was purely done in Lightroom 2. Lightroom 2 is a great tool for photographers and it has some wonderful capabilities.  I use it for almost all of my processing and now only use Photoshop when I want to add some textures.

This is the source picture that we had to work with:


First edit with Lightroom:

girl edit1

Second edit with Kaleidoscope texture added:

girl edit2 

This was a lot of fun and I hope to do some more of these in the future!!

8 thoughts on “Fix It Friday

  1. Thanks for dropping by! You did a nice job with the picture too! I enjoy “Fix-It-Friday” very much! LOTS of fun! I like the vintage look of your edit! Is Lightroom quite different than Photoshop? Is it better or easier for editing? I am fairly new at Photoshop but have heard about Lighroom too and I am not sure what the difference is?

    1. Lightroom is very different than Photoshop. The best way to describe it as a program that was written and designed for photographers and while Photoshop is used by many photographers, it has many functions that are design specific, such as for graphic designers. Photoshop is a wonderful program, but sometimes when I just want a simple edit with no frills such as textures or actions then it’s the first thing I reach for. Lightroom doesn’t have actions, but does utilize presets which work the same way. You should try out Lightroom 3 Beta for free on the Adobe site and see how you like it. ~Rhonda

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