Fix It Friday at I Heart Faces

It’s time again for Fix it Friday over at I Heart Faces. This week’s picture comes from Frogmum. It’s such a sweet picture and was a joy to work on! Here is the original:

4389178836_86dcc967da_b (1)

As you can see, her face is a little underexposed especially compared to the beautiful blue sky.

And here is my first edit:


For this first edit, I brought the file into Lightroom 3 Beta, cropped, and increased the vibrancy just a bit. Then I brushed over her face and bumped up the exposure to lighten it and bring out some detail.  I also softened the skin on here elbows just a touch and then added the vignette to center the attention on the little girl.

In the last edit, I took my edit from Lightroom to Photoshop and added a texture from Florabelle and then erased some of the texture from here face and upper body.

sunny girls ps edit

Another fun week! Can’t wait to see what next week brings!


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