A Little Country

This weekend I got out bright and early (before anyone in my house was awake) and drove out to rural parts of Murfreesboro, TN.  It’s actually an area that I grew up in, but now I live in the city limits and I don’t get out this way too much. One of my Flickr contacts (harryintheboro) has some wonderful photos of a barn in this area that I was just itching to get out for myself and see. He was so nice as to give me directions and I can’t wait for spring and fall to go back and get more pictures of this barn.

barfield barn

While driving around, this leaning barn caught my eye. It looks like it’s ready to collapse:

falling barn textures2

I also saw lots of chickens and had to wait for them to cross the road.

3 little chicks



 rooster on a shed

And then there’s the world’s smallest post office. It is a real working post office in Fosterville, TN:

fosterville post office

One more barn that I liked. It has some sort of Halloween decoration in the top barn opening. Very interesting…..

halloween barn

5 thoughts on “A Little Country

    1. Thank you! These were taken way out in the boonies (as we Tennesseans would say) and I learned that you probably should let someone know where you are going in case your car breaks down and “Deliverance” type people show up to help and that mace is needed to ward off scary, stray dogs!!

  1. oh, my! i was excited to see you live in TN… i think murfreesboro is in middle TN, correct? i’m in east TN… and was just passing some lovely barns and thinking that they would make a geat photo op… the texture, age, character… yum. love your captures.

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