Little Red Barn

This past weekend we went to Lawrenceburg, TN to celebrate my grandpa’s 85th birthday. We had a great time seeing family members that we hadn’t seen in a couple of years. I took my daughters to see the house that I once lived in, my elementary school, the town square, and of course to my grandpa’s house. This is where I spent many a weekend and Christmas with my family.

I think it’s hard going back after many years to a place that you once lived. I tend to romanticize the place and the buildings. My old school is now an apartment building and the old playground is covered with weeds and tall grass, with the playground equipment completely gone except some old basketball goals. My old house and neighborhood is not as quaint as I remember with many houses in need of repair and some have been torn down. The town itself looks as if it has gone through some hard times, but with the Murray plant closing I can see why.

On our way home, this little red barn caught my eye. I love old barns and this one was too good to pass up.

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