I Love the Theater

No, not like Broadway, although I do like to go see a good play every now and then. I mean the old time city cinemas. I am drawn to the architecture as well as the purpose they served. In Lawrenceburg, TN, the small town that I grew up in, the Crockett Theater was the only place to go and see a movie. I remember very vividly going to see Superman with my family and also E.T. The lights that lit up the marquee are also something that stands out in my memory, it was all so grand to see all those hundreds of light bulbs! Our theater also served as the traditional theater where local plays were held. It was (and still is) a very ornate theater on the inside. Luckily this theater is still standing and still has a purpose. Many times these theaters are lost to city growth or neglect. Here are few Tennessee theaters!

The Oldham theater in Winchester, TN in the neo-classical style:

The Paramount in Bristol, TN/VA:

7 thoughts on “I Love the Theater

  1. These things are so charming! I saw in the paper that the little Franklin Cinema finally got some financial assistance to help with the remodeling so it will be able to stick around for a while longer! I was afraid it would be lost to the modern times

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