Murfreesboro Photo Club

Recently I joined the Murfreesboro Photo Club, a new photography group in town. And I do mean new. They just had their second meeting (my first) and I have to say they are a great bunch of photographers. Some I’ve met before in the Nashville Photography Meetup group, but most were new to me. At this meeting we were to bring in a couple of pictures for a critique by the group. This is a very good way to learn a little about your photography, how you can improve, and also to find out what you are doing right. I thoroughly enjoyed seeing everyone’s pictures and the critique that I received. Our first outing was to the Thompson Lane trailhead of the greenway that runs along the Stones River. We walked up to the battlefield where I love to take pictures. I’m already looking forward to the next meeting and outing.

A view from in front of a cannon:

A cannon with monument in the background:

Stones River:

This one’s a little psychedelic, but fun:

6 thoughts on “Murfreesboro Photo Club

  1. I love that first one of the cannon! I always feel a little creeped out looking down the barrel of any weapon! 🙂 The second one with the monument in the background is neat too – great composition and balance between the two objects!!! You have a good steady hand to get all of it in focus!

    I would love to join a photography club someday! It sounds like so much fun!

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