I know some have been wondering what is up with my blog!? Sometimes life gets the best of me and I have to re-prioritize. It’s the end of the school year for the kids, which means recitals, band performances, end of year standardized tests for school, birthday parties, end of year parties, and our normal everyday activities. So, I have been over extended and I’m just now able to kind of think about getting back in the swing of things regarding my blog and photography. I also have been wanting to make over my blog, but can’t quite decide on what kind of theme I want: another dark one or perhaps one with a light background.

So on to my next adventure. For a while now I have been interested in geocaching. I know I don’t need anymore hobbies, but this is just so fun and something that the whole family can participate in. My youngest daughter had already heard about it in school. Geocaching uses gps coordinates to locate hidden caches that contain either messages, a login, and even little trinkets for the finder. The geocaching website has all the specifics, but all you need is a gps and a sense of adventure. This is a worldwide hobby and you would be surprised at all the hidden caches located within a mile of where you are now. My youngest and I found our very first one last night and she was giddy with excitement. But I must mention that if you take something from the cache that it’s required that you replace with with something of equal value. Also, discrepancy is a must. They don’t want muggles (non-geocaching participants) to be in the know and perhaps spoil the fun.

And for some spring color, an iris from my back yard:

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