It’s hard to put into words how I feel about the devastation caused by the flooding in middle Tennessee area. In case you don’t know, probably because the media has not really put any importance on this matter, but middle Tennessee just had major flooding. They are calling it a 500 year flood, because that’s approximately how often we could expect to experience something of this magnitude. I was horrified to watch the flood water completely take over the interstates and see people taken unaware. There was no warning because we just didn’t expect this to happen. Thousands of people have lost everything they own. Safe drinking water levels in Nashville are at a critical level as only one water treatment plant is open. Lives have been lost and they expect to find more as the water recedes.

I found it hard to go out and take pictures of this area. There are many of them all over the internet and from local news sources. Middle Tennesseans are a strong group of people and have come together in this time of crisis as never before. I am attaching some pictures of Nashville taken just last month. It’s the way I like to remember a great city.

A photography friend’s daughter made this wonderful tribute to Nashville. She is a talented young singer named Brenda Mullen:
<a href="

This part was/is under water at the moment.

Nashville at Night

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