This little chapel is part of Cannonsburgh Village in Murfreesboro, TN. It’s a neat pioneer village that is a made up of different types of old buildings: a schoolhouse, mill, postoffice, general store, doctor’s office, and a little white church. This place is also a favorite place of photographers in this area and on the weekend you pretty much have to wait your turn to take pictures of some of the buildings. I recently attended a webinar from onOne software given by Brian Matiash. He is an urban exploration photographer and shared some of his techniques using this software in conjunction with Photomatix and CS5. I was really excited to try my hand on some things that I learned. This is my first shot:

3 thoughts on “Little Chapel

  1. Very nice Rhonda! You know, there is a photo contest for Cannonsburgh Village photos. Actually, I think today is the last day to enter. You have to email a picture to Winner is announced at the Harvest Days next weekend. I don’t think there is a prize or anything, but could be fun…
    L & T Photography is putting on the contest.

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