My friend Donna always blogs her recipes and even a few of mine. I guess it’s time I did one! She’s been after me a while to do it, so here we go! Breakfast is a pretty important meal around my house. Everyone expects it and I enjoy it too. Can’t seem to get going without some breakfast, and oh yeah, coffee! This morning’s menu included apple fried pies, some fruit, bacon, and coffee. A co-worker of mine brought in these “fried” pies one day and I quickly added them to my breakfast list of foods. They are so easy and you will probably have most of the ingredients on hand. All you need is your favorite can biscuits and whatever pie filling is your favorite. We really love apple, but you could use any that you like!

– Flour your surface real well and roll out each biscuit as flat as possible into a circle.
– Put a spoonful of your pie filling in the middle and fold the biscuit into a half circle. Use a fork to seal the edges.
– After you have filled all your biscuits, put them on a preheated frying pan (you can coat the surface with a non-stick spray if not using a non-stick pan) and brown each side of the pie.
– After they are lightly browned, put in the a preheated 400 degree oven and continue cooking about 5-7 minutes until the dough if fully cooked.
– I usually lightly dust mine with powdered sugar and my family likes to use whatever pie filling is left to put on top.

Hope you all enjoy!!

2 thoughts on “Mock Fried Pie

  1. Mom used to make banana pies…..same principle. Used Butter Me Not bisquits. cut up a few slices of really ripe bananas and sprinkle sugar over the nanners. Fold over. Except she put hers on a cookie sheet in the oven with a layer of cooking oil. When they are cooked take them out of the oven and place them on a brown paper bag sheet on the counter to cool…..that drains the grease and makes them flaky. YUMMY

  2. I haven’t had these in forever! Lisa’s idea with the banana’s sound good too. You should have brought me some and I would have made the (red bag) coffee. You have the bestest recipes and glad you share them with me. I also just noticed you got the “now reading” thing on your site. I tried this about a month ago and couldn’t get it to work. Looks like you need to come over and help a girl out.

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