I make new resolutions at the start of the new year. I don’t keep them, but I make them.  This year I am making one that I am going to keep.  I am not going to spend any money on new camera equipment this year.  If I want a new lens (which I do), I will sell one that I have in order to buy it.  Photography is an expensive hobbie/profession but it does not have to be. The gear I have is great but in the digital age and with the use of social media you are constantly bombarded with the next best/new thing.  Another part of my problem last year was that I was always thinking that I needed the newest gadget, camera, lens, software, etc.  I am going to use what I have and really focus on shooting. Just get out there and shoot and not worry about the gear.

So, in saying that, I will leave you with a shot of a not so new camera from the film age. It is my friend Donna’s beautiful Argus 75.


One thought on “Resolutions….

  1. Rhonda, I just noticed your site. I like the design.

    Yeah I get caught up in having the right gear, whether it be computer gear or hiking gear. You can get by with less and do just as good of a job.

    Best of luck with your goal.

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