1/365: a tree grows in Murfreesboro

Third or fourth time’s the charm, right?? Having another go at the 365. I think if I added up all the 365s I started they might possibly add up to 365….maybe!

Project 365

Wow, I can’t believe a whole year has passed since I first started my blog. There have been times when I’ve blogged a lot and then nothing at all for weeks (months, sorry!). Along with the new year, I have decided to take on a new project. A while back I think I got into a little rut. I didn’t pick up my camera in weeks which is very very rare for me. Maybe I felt uninspired or caught up in my everyday obligations, I really don’t know! This year I’ve resolved to pick up my camera and shoot away, which is where this 365 project comes in. A few weeks ago a Flickr contact posted on Facebook about a man who bought a box of negatives at an auction house. He was intrigued by the contents. The box held a treasure of negatives from a lady named Vivian Maier. To maintain the cost of collection be began selling the pictures on eBay, finally realizing that he had a treasure on his hands in terms of history. Little by little he had a huge following who were fascinated with the story, but were even more enthralled with her pictures. Her work is captivating. Her passion for photography comes through her beautiful street photography and portraits. This got me to thinking what people would think of my pictures one day. Would they have the same appreciation? Would my pictures someone portray a glimpse into a time long gone? Would they show the love I have for photography and the joy that it brings me? I hope my project will show a little of that and so far I have felt renewed with my daily picture taking. I’m looking the world again and wondering just how I’m going to capture it!

365 Day Photo Project

The project: take a self-portrait of yourself everyday and post it to Flickr. I’ve been wanting to take part in this and I decided that 2010 is the year. I posted my first self-portrait yesterday. I hope to document something about myself, maybe it’s my last year of my 30s, weight loss? I’m not sure, but it should be fun and challenging. I won’t bore you all here with a picture everyday, but if you want to see my progress then visit me on my Flickr page.

It's me! Day 1/365.