Sunflowers and More Sunflowers

This past weekend I took a trip to Batey’s Farm. They planted a ton of sunflowers this year!!! I have another spot that I usually frequent, but this new one was so convenient and absolutely breathtaking! They were so generous opening this up to the public for free and only requesting a donation to fund a charity. I hope this will become an annual tradition for them.

Cheekwood Flowers

Recently I have been taking a lot of floral pictures. I go through these phases sometimes and right now it’s all about the flowers. Cheekwood Botanical Gardens is currently hosting the Chihuly glass exhibit and it’s so awesomely great. I will be posting pictures from it soon, but for now flowers, flowers, and more flowers!


This place is fantastic! Beautiful grounds, architecture, ponds, sculptures, Japanese garden, flowers galore, and coming in late May, the Chihuly glass display. I could spend hours upon hours here and did just that this past weekend. April is a great time to go and catch many flowers starting to bloom. After this winter I was ready for some vibrant colors!

Sunday Stills – 2009 Favorites

To pick only 2 favorites from 2009. This is the task and harder than it sounds. I have so many and not because they are great works of art by any means, but because of the memories that they invoke. Mostly I love the ones that come from time spent with family and friends. My daughters are often with me when I’m out shooting and I’ve made some really good friends here locally through a photography Meetup group. So here are a few (I couldn’t just pick 2, sorry!):

Butterfly Surprise

This was taken at the Discovery Center, Murfreesboro, TN. The butterfly landed right on top as I was taking my shot and stuck around for about 30 more pictures.

Backyard Sunrise

One morning while getting ready for work, my oldest daughter called me upstairs to view this amazing sunrise. So, me and my 2 daughters took several shots while standing on her bed. A fun and memorable couple of minutes!
My 2 Favorite Girls

My Daughters! What’s not to love about them. They are so sweet and have been good to me this past year with their dad deployed to Iraq (he’s on his way home this week!).