Sunflowers and More Sunflowers

This past weekend I took a trip to Batey’s Farm. They planted a ton of sunflowers this year!!! I have another spot that I usually frequent, but this new one was so convenient and absolutely breathtaking! They were so generous opening this up to the public for free and only requesting a donation to fund a charity. I hope this will become an annual tradition for them.

1/365: a tree grows in Murfreesboro

Third or fourth time’s the charm, right?? Having another go at the 365. I think if I added up all the 365s I started they might possibly add up to 365….maybe!

Calm After the Storm

Things are getting back to normal in my part of the world. We live close to Nashville, but didn’t have near the flooding that they experienced. They still have a long way go especially with the cleanup and just getting these people basic relief and help.

The Walter Hill Dam was completely flooded out with the waters rising higher than I can ever remember. I made a visit last night to check it out and you could see by looking at the trees how high the water rose. It’s now getting back to normal with the water still a little higher than normal.

Murfreesboro Photo Club

Recently I joined the Murfreesboro Photo Club, a new photography group in town. And I do mean new. They just had their second meeting (my first) and I have to say they are a great bunch of photographers. Some I’ve met before in the Nashville Photography Meetup group, but most were new to me. At this meeting we were to bring in a couple of pictures for a critique by the group. This is a very good way to learn a little about your photography, how you can improve, and also to find out what you are doing right. I thoroughly enjoyed seeing everyone’s pictures and the critique that I received. Our first outing was to the Thompson Lane trailhead of the greenway that runs along the Stones River. We walked up to the battlefield where I love to take pictures. I’m already looking forward to the next meeting and outing.

A view from in front of a cannon:

A cannon with monument in the background:

Stones River:

This one’s a little psychedelic, but fun:

A Little Country

This weekend I got out bright and early (before anyone in my house was awake) and drove out to rural parts of Murfreesboro, TN.  It’s actually an area that I grew up in, but now I live in the city limits and I don’t get out this way too much. One of my Flickr contacts (harryintheboro) has some wonderful photos of a barn in this area that I was just itching to get out for myself and see. He was so nice as to give me directions and I can’t wait for spring and fall to go back and get more pictures of this barn.

barfield barn

While driving around, this leaning barn caught my eye. It looks like it’s ready to collapse:

falling barn textures2

I also saw lots of chickens and had to wait for them to cross the road.

3 little chicks



 rooster on a shed

And then there’s the world’s smallest post office. It is a real working post office in Fosterville, TN:

fosterville post office

One more barn that I liked. It has some sort of Halloween decoration in the top barn opening. Very interesting…..

halloween barn

Oaklands Mansion in the Snow

Tennessee is ill-equipped to deal with snow and ice and one little snow flake can bring total upheaval and chaos, no joke! But, the snow is finally melting away and the schools are back in session tomorrow. My husband and I got out and walked on the grounds of Oaklands Mansion on Sunday and it was a beautiful place with the snow and ice!

The tree lined drive:

A view of the grounds:

Center of the Universe

Well not the universe, but the geographic center of Tenneessee, which is my universe. This marker is at 35° 51.251′ N, 86° 21.98′ W, or in plain talk, off of Old Lascassas Hwy. At one time Old Lascassas was a little two lane road and this marker was right beside the road and pretty dangerous to get out and look at. It now has a small parking area and a nice plaque.

Sunday Stills – 2009 Favorites

To pick only 2 favorites from 2009. This is the task and harder than it sounds. I have so many and not because they are great works of art by any means, but because of the memories that they invoke. Mostly I love the ones that come from time spent with family and friends. My daughters are often with me when I’m out shooting and I’ve made some really good friends here locally through a photography Meetup group. So here are a few (I couldn’t just pick 2, sorry!):

Butterfly Surprise

This was taken at the Discovery Center, Murfreesboro, TN. The butterfly landed right on top as I was taking my shot and stuck around for about 30 more pictures.

Backyard Sunrise

One morning while getting ready for work, my oldest daughter called me upstairs to view this amazing sunrise. So, me and my 2 daughters took several shots while standing on her bed. A fun and memorable couple of minutes!
My 2 Favorite Girls

My Daughters! What’s not to love about them. They are so sweet and have been good to me this past year with their dad deployed to Iraq (he’s on his way home this week!).

Winter at Stones River Battlefield

Recently I went back to the battlefield to get some shots. Because it was so very cold this day, I didn’t last very long! The battlefield was having a week long event of re-enactments, tours, and such. I feel for those who volunteered to do this because like I said, I only last about 5 minutes before I high tailed it back home.