Sunflowers and More Sunflowers

This past weekend I took a trip to Batey’s Farm. They planted a ton of sunflowers this year!!! I have another spot that I usually frequent, but this new one was so convenient and absolutely breathtaking! They were so generous opening this up to the public for free and only requesting a donation to fund a charity. I hope this will become an annual tradition for them.

Birds at the Feeder

Winter is a great time to watch birds at the feeder. Last year I got fed up with the squirrels eating all the food and stopped putting seed in the feeder. This year I found a great one that is squirrel proof and the birds and I are very happy with it! We’ve had so many and have had fun learning what type of birds they are and in doing so, have learned so much in general about them: habitat, migrating patterns, male vs. female coloring, etc. ┬áThis week we had the huge tree outside my kitchen window removed as it was old and rotting. I hope the birds still come and visit!

Chickadee Downy Woodpecker Tufted Titmouse at Feeder P2010191